Sunday, September 6, 2009


International Yogic Science Of Healing Foundation
----- Promotes Yogic Science of Healing

Yogic science of healing introduces and teaches the ancient secrets of various sadhanas, ie.. spiritual practices both for a materialistic person as well as sadhakas, ie.. spiritual aspirants to know and understand more in detail the knowledge of spiritual practices, therapies, remedies, diet and natural biorhythms which when applied awaken the cognitive memories, which further allow us to identify the inner light(energy)or cosmic energy for personal healing and well being. Yogic science of healing is the most complete offering of the original cleansing of body(sharira), mind(manas), consiousness(chitta), thoughts(vicharas) and rejuvenates us to identify the inner light(jivah jyothi). Yogic science of healing must be practiced for a complete 21days which is called the period of cleansing to achieve the absolute power of healing.
The practice of yogic science of healing for a period of 21days and thereby continuing the practices will lead a person to the right path way of life for self realization. A spiritual aspirant or even a layman or a clergyman can experience this on regular practices. It really has the potency to make one to rediscover their inner power and thereby rising their spiritual energy or cosmic energy, which at any point of view will help us for self healing as well as to heal others. It guides us for a stressfree and diseasefree life and to maintain a good health throughout our life. It increases the inner vitality and vigour to live in ever youthfulness(ageing). It rejuvenates the body organs, strengthens the CNS(central nervous system), further to increase the immunity power within us to fight against any diseases. Henceforth a”yogic science of healing” person has an enormous immunity power and a strong CNS to lead a diseasefree life. He is always independent, (a self dependent) and has a rich energy 24 hours to carryout his duties.
Yogic science of healing promotes various sadhanas like astanga yoga, pranayama, chakra dhyana and chakra shudhi, sohamdhyana for mind cleansing, concious cleansing and cleansing the negative thoughts(vichara shudhi), surya gayathri dhyana(sun meditation)etc… Lectures on astanga yoga, lectures on chakras and diseases, lectures on diet and nutritions, practice on chakra dhyana, soham dhyana, surya meditation, inter active sessions, practices of karma yoga, bhajans, divine dances and spiritual games are the highlights of the course. “Indian institute of yogic science”, will very shortly begin various diploma, certificate and degrees in U.G and P.G COURSES. These courses will be of mostly residential, students from all parts of the world can benefit through the courses conducted by us.

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