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International Yogic Science Of Healing Foundation
----- Promotes Yogic Science of Healing

Yogic science of healing introduces and teaches the ancient secrets of various sadhanas, ie.. spiritual practices both for a materialistic person as well as sadhakas, ie.. spiritual aspirants to know and understand more in detail the knowledge of spiritual practices, therapies, remedies, diet and natural biorhythms which when applied awaken the cognitive memories, which further allow us to identify the inner light(energy)or cosmic energy for personal healing and well being. Yogic science of healing is the most complete offering of the original cleansing of body(sharira), mind(manas), consiousness(chitta), thoughts(vicharas) and rejuvenates us to identify the inner light(jivah jyothi). Yogic science of healing must be practiced for a complete 21days which is called the period of cleansing to achieve the absolute power of healing.
The practice of yogic science of healing for a period of 21days and thereby continuing the practices will lead a person to the right path way of life for self realization. A spiritual aspirant or even a layman or a clergyman can experience this on regular practices. It really has the potency to make one to rediscover their inner power and thereby rising their spiritual energy or cosmic energy, which at any point of view will help us for self healing as well as to heal others. It guides us for a stressfree and diseasefree life and to maintain a good health throughout our life. It increases the inner vitality and vigour to live in ever youthfulness(ageing). It rejuvenates the body organs, strengthens the CNS(central nervous system), further to increase the immunity power within us to fight against any diseases. Henceforth a”yogic science of healing” person has an enormous immunity power and a strong CNS to lead a diseasefree life. He is always independent, (a self dependent) and has a rich energy 24 hours to carryout his duties.
Yogic science of healing promotes various sadhanas like astanga yoga, pranayama, chakra dhyana and chakra shudhi, sohamdhyana for mind cleansing, concious cleansing and cleansing the negative thoughts(vichara shudhi), surya gayathri dhyana(sun meditation)etc… Lectures on astanga yoga, lectures on chakras and diseases, lectures on diet and nutritions, practice on chakra dhyana, soham dhyana, surya meditation, inter active sessions, practices of karma yoga, bhajans, divine dances and spiritual games are the highlights of the course. “Indian institute of yogic science”, will very shortly begin various diploma, certificate and degrees in U.G and P.G COURSES. These courses will be of mostly residential, students from all parts of the world can benefit through the courses conducted by us.



Swami.Rajarishishiva is a spiritual healer,yo-
ga instructor,yogic-reiki grand master,yoga therapist, and counselor.
Swamiji’s therapies are miraculous in curing simple & complicated diseases with “DIVINE EXPERIENCES”.Swamiji rediscovered reiki and interpreted as Yogic reiki healing, “YOGIC SCIENCE OF HEALING”,and so on..Swamiji’s guruji & grand master Ratnamji motivated him to achieve these methods.
Swamiji has developed various techniques in meditation,such as Chakra dhyana,for energizing and cleansing the chakras,the energy centers of the physical body.Soham meditation,
for cleansing the body (sharira), mind (manas), consciousness (chitta), thoughts (vichara), Surya gayathri dhyana, Pranayama, asanas, and healing.
Swamiji developed passion towards counseling,
Reading, learning knew things, oratorical skills, communication, making new friends, social work, helping, giving guidance, exploring innovative ideas, transforming, and social reforming etc…
Swamiji has traveled through out INDIA,and sheltered,and served, in various ashrams.Swamiji has personal experience of meeting great sadguru’s, gurus, madathi pathis, maha mandaleshwars, and received the blessings, served them, traveled along with them various occasions and got the opportunity to be and meet them frequently .Swamiji has recently established a registered trust in the name of “INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOGIC SCIENCE” in Bangalore,and conducting courses & doing social work for the needy.
Swamiji is the CHAIRMAN & MANAGING TRUSTEE” of the trust.
Swamiji has developed a very unique concept called “DIVINE VILLAGE”(PREMA GRAAMA),a place for eternal love,
Peace, harmony, and bliss.
Indian civilization and culture from times immemorial ,has been based on “VEDIC WISDOM”.The “divine villages,are in a plan to spread over 25 acres. This kind of superb divine village is situated in the pristine,pure nature of the foothills of the Manchinaville dam , village Awerahalli. The divine village is created for human who want to move away from the madding crowd and achieve mental peace, harmony, and bliss. “Divine villages” are extolled in the twelve positive sciences for their elevating and sublime experience.Swami.Rajarishishiva’s “Divine village,is formed with the unified vision of creating an atmosphere for aspirants in spirituality and for the dissemination of vedic knowledge. The nada,(sound) of omkara’, various vedic chantings, mantras will occupy the Divine village for enhancing the divine atmosphere for any ardent seeker of spiritual knowledge. The food provided here for the sadhaks & guests are extremely sattwic and will definitely elevate their consciousness.
Training centres, self employment schemes, vedic school, Ayurveda treatment, retirement schemes, divine housing schemes, rehabilitati-
on centres, etc.. are the in house values of this “Divine village.

“INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOGIC SCIENCE”, is a registered and a non profit social & spiritual organization located in Bangalore teaching meditation, Yoga Asanas, and other healing techniques to any ardent seeker. Our humble Endeavour is to spiritualize the society at this critical juncture in Human evolution. Our vision is to raise the individual human consciousness to attain the highest level of consciousness called “BRAHMA AVASTHA”.

1. To eradicate poverty completely and make India as zero poverty nation.

2. To create Self employment, self sustainability, self sufficiency, economical sufficiency, and social security for the people, by providing training to the youths & women of the villages and the down trodden.

3. Women empowerment, and forming self help group to achieve the task.

4. Free education to all, free health & hospital services to all.

5. To adopt these kind of villages state wise, district wise, taluk wise, and name them as “DIVINE VILLAGES”,(PREMA GRAAMA).

6. To establish first world class “SPIRITUAL SOCIO-DIVINE UNIVERSITIES”.


8. To establish “GOVIDHYA”, the science of cow.

9. To establish “AYURVEDA”, the science of life & living, and to establish a research institute for “AYURVEDA”.

10. To establish “KAYA KALPA RESEARCH INSTITUTE”, the science of rejuvenation and to ensure a disease free healthy world.

11. To raise the individual consciousness of every human being to attain the highest level of consciousness, “BRAHMA AVASTHA”, which is goal & purpose of life.


“YOGIC SCIENCE OF HEALING”, introduces & teaches the ancient secrets of various sadhanas,ie.. spiritual practices both for a materialistic person as well as sadhakas, ie.. the spiritual aspirants to know and understand more in detail the knowledge of spiritual practices, therapies, remedies, diet, & natural biorhythms, which when applied awaken the cognitive memories, which further allow us to identify the inner light(jivah jothi),or cosmic energy for personal healing and well being.
“Yogic science of healing”, is the most complete offering of the original cleansing of body (sharira), mind (manas), consciousness (chitta), thoughts (vichara), and rejuvenates us to identify the inner light (jivah jothi).Yogic science of healing must be practiced for a complete 21 days which is called the period of cleansing to achieve the absolute power of healing.
Yogic science of healing promotes various sadhanas like astanga yoga, pranayama, chakra dhyana, soham dhyana, surya gayathri dhyana, chanting of mantras, bajan sandhya, kriyas, bandhas, & mudras etc.. This course is conducted presently in our training centre, premises
Diploma & degree courses in yoga, meditation, various healing therapies, in ayurveda, nutrition, health, food & dietetics, are likely to begin shortly.

1. “KARUNAKARAM”: A Rescue & Healers team, for attending grievances in various devastated places like Tsunami…
2. “DHARMA SENA” : Volunteers & Righteous people team, for support, who would be further elevated to other departments.
3. “DIVINE VILLAGES/PREMA GRAAMA: A place of love & bliss.
4. “SANGAMAM” : A commune living system.(vasudevam).
5. “SNEHA MANE” : A Rehabilitation centre.
6. “SWAYAM VARAM”: Mass marriages scheme.
7. “VANAPRASTHA” : A place for Vridhashram.
8. “BRINDAVANAM” : A Housing scheme for Devotees,Nri’s,etc..
9. “ANNAPOORANI” : A common dining hall for the guests.



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Vision of the trust:

1. Establishment of charitable institutions for promoting education, medical science, paramedics, technical institutes, art and science, school of drama and culture, spiritual science, occult science, vedic schools, gurukul’s, scientific research centres, R&D laboratories, etc…

2. Establishment of hospitals, nursing homes, maternity homes, etc.. in the urban and rural areas.Establishment of ayurvedic treatment centres and institutions.

3. Creating international residential spiritual vedic schools and colleges.Establishment of first world class sociospiritual universities.Spiritual training for Army, Air force, Navy, Police departments, Private and Public sector companies, MNC companies, All nationalized and scheduled banks, etc…

4. Establishment of “Divine villages”, Adoptation of villages, and thereby developing them into “Divine villages”.To give training for the village youths and to empower women of the villages to become self sufficient economically.To lay roads, to dig wells, to provide proper sanitation and drainages, to build water tanks, to build schools and hospitals, Creating human chains in villages, towns and cities, to convert them as ethical and moral human forces, who will act as “Dharma sena’s” to serve for the welfare of society and also to protect “Sathya and Dharma”.These Dharma sena’s will work as well as serve for the etical values & human rights on the basis of “Sathya”, ”Dharma”, and “Nyaya”.Establishment of international law firms, to select and authenticate world class attorneys who will work as an international team, and will associate with one another to eliminate “TERRORISM”.This firm will be named as “NEETHI”, this firm will consist of world’s top class attorneys who will work for world peace and protect the globe from any kind of devastation.As of these Divine villages will perform as a role model villages for the entire world.Even big cities and towns will have to learn the techniques of serenity, morality, honesty, and the ethnicity of these villages, so that to follow these sytems to customize it in big cities and towns.Even the general public from all over the globe can make a visit and stay in the village premises and do seva with prior appointments and authorities obtained from the managing trustee or the trustee.

5. Promotion of medical tourism, spiritual tourism, protection of environment, creating natural bird sanctuaries, working for the protection of nature and creating awreness among the society for “Global warming”, forming of international environmentalists, who will work as a team for campaigning and creating awareness programmes globally to protect the globe from the threat of “GLOBAL WARMING”.

6. Creating international crews for making docudramas on various international issues like “Terrorism”, Drug abuse, Child labours, Global warming, Animal protection, Gay marriage, Alcoholism, Usage of tobacco, etc..(events, streetplays, programmes for creating awareness.

7. To acquire govt lease lands minimum 100 acres, to build universities, colleges, ashrams, temple, training centres, yoga halls, meditation halls, residential quarters, children play area, playgrounds, administration buildings, staff quarters, R&D Labs, scientific labs, healing centres, hospitals, banks, postoffices, Blood banks, departmental stores, travel desks, etc…

8. Establishment of media network for print as well as electronic media, publications, Training the farmers to update the knowledge of modern agriculture techniques, to train them organic farming, training for aqua culture, horticulture, biodiesels, biogas, recycling methods, thereby to protect and save the nature to avoid natural calamities, as well as to protect the earth and environment from global warming.

9. Establishment of training centres throughout the country, statewise/districtwise and thereby establishing the same globally. This is purely a selfless service to establish “Sathya, Dharma, Nyaya and to transform every individual to attain the highest level of consiousness, thereby to establish humanity, divinity, purity, spirituality and to bring national and global integrity, beyond caste, creed, colour, and religion, something to raise the human values first and thereby to achieve god consiousness. In a toto living with peace, love, harmony and to establish “SARVA DHARMA KALACHAR” to bring oneness among all. To establish equinamity through social, cultural, spiritual trainings and bring peace to the whole world.

Arise; Awake; Stop not Till the goal is achieved :- swami vivekananda


Schemes of the trust:

Karunakaram, Dharma sena, Divine Villages, Sangamam, Sneha Mane, Swayamvaram, Brindavanam, Annapoorani, Akshaya Anna daan, Bikshaan Dehi,

Regd office: Bangalore

Training centre: Bangalore

Door no:721,61st cross,
5th block,Rajaji nagar-near bashyam circle,

“Baba’s gyan sarovar”,no:3009,
2nd-A-main,17th cross,
banashankari 2nd stage,K.R.road,

Admin office & Training centre : Ahmedabad

Ashram road,
Near kandoi bogilal mulchand,
Dinesh hall road, Navrangapura,

Email :


Yoga is an ancient science. Nobody know it’s origin. It is true that it began with gods. Lord shiva is described as first great yogi. Truth, non-violence, honesty, self discipline and simplicity are the roots of yoga.

Foremost among those wise men of the old age was the great sage Patanjali. Sage patanjali was the first person to present the ancient tradition of yoga in a systematic way. Thus he is considered as the founder of yoga. Patanjali lived around 200 B. C. Sage patanjali was the authour of 3 brilliant works on literature, ayurveda and health. One was on Sanskrit grammar, second on the Ancient Indian medicine “AYURVEDA”, and the third and the most important was on “YOGA”. It is called the “Yoga sutras of patanjali”.

Patanjali says the word “YOGA” means to join or “unite”. Yoga means nothing but union of our conciousness with “GOD”. Yoga is our way of life and that life is “Yoga”. Patanjali laid down an eight fold path to enable us to cultivate the good habits, and to overcome the hurdles of our life. This unique path is known as the “ASTHANGA YOGA OF PATANJALI”. A person who follows this path is called yogi.


Asta means eight and “anga” means limbs or parts. The eight limbs of yoga are,
1. ”YAMA” :- Forberance and restraints of passions, feeling-s etc. . and including the best moral rules in all religions.
2. ”NIYAMA” :- It refers to personal discipline.
3. ”ASANAS” :- In yoga it means postures or stances.
4. ”PRANAYAMA” :- Means disciplining of prana, the control of breathe using our own prana as instrument.
5. ”PRATHYAHARA” :- Prathyahara means control of our five senses.
6. ”DHARANA” :- Concentration or steadiness of the mind.
7. ”DHYANA” :- Means meditation or contemplation of mind.
8. ”SAMADHI” :- Samadhi or kaivalya is the goal of life, where in the yogi unites with god. The union of an individual conciousness with god or universal conscio-usness is known as “Samadhi”

What is “YAMA”?
Yama is nothing but purity in thoughts, deed, and action. By following and applying yama in our personal life, one can achieve peace and harmony. Therfore the whole universe can be in peace. So, practicing yama is necessary to keep one’s soul, body, and mind in balance to be always peaceful and happy in our life. Yama is divided into 5 acts or disciplines as;
1. Ahimsa :- non-violence.
2. sathya :- truth or truthfulness.
3. Asteya :- Non-stealing.
4. Brahmacharya :- Self control or self discipline or non desirous.
5. Aparigrah :- Unselfishness, selfless, and non desirous.

What is “NIYAMA”?
The external and internal cleanliness is called niyama. The body as well as mind should be kept clean and pure. A dirty person can never be an “YOGI”Cleanli-ness of mind more important than body, though it’s as equal. ”NIYAMA” is subdivided into 5 acts such as;
1. Soucha :- Cleanliness.
2. Santhosa :- Contentment, Greed is the major obstacle for “contentment”.
3. Tapas :- Great effort called Austerity. The practice of austerity strengthens our body and mind.
4. Swadhyaya :- Self study of Vedas, Upanishads, script-ures and holy books.
5. Ishwara pranidhana :- Faith in god. Without faith in god, we cannot reach our goal.


Contemplating and meditating on our energy centres of our subtle body. We can do this practice with the help of energising mantras, chanting of these mantras, visualizing the colour of each chakra in the positions of our body. By chanting the specific mantras with colour visualization, we can bring back the sluggish and rapid movement of our chakras to normal conditions. There by this practice improves our energy level, immunity level and gives us total freeness from any discomforts. Finally it radiates our body to enlarge our “AURA” and thereby protects us from negative vibrations. We can always be on positive vibrations and thoughts.

Chakra Dhyana has three steps to it i.e. concentrating on the mystical diagrams of the chakras (Yantra), uttering of mystical syllables to activate the chakras (Mantra) and the right seating posture (Asana). The mudra (placement) of the fingers is also important. The ideal mudra is to touch the base line of the thumb with the index finger and the ideal asana is Siddhasan. Seating onself comfortably in Siddhasan and placing the fingers in the above mentioned mudra with palms facing skywards near the knees, one has to visualize the respective chakras with closed eyes and utter the bija mantra of that chakra. This chanting can be done for seven or nine times or eighteen times. Daily practice of Chakra Dhyana this way will help activate the chakras. The activation of these chakras also has a physical counterpart i.e. various regions in the brain are stimulated leading to a more holistic view towards life. The Kundalini energy awakens and flows through these chakras energising the whole pranic body which directly energises the physical body.

Chakras-colour-mantra-endocrine gland-Area of body governed.
1. (SAHASRARA)Crown chakra-Violet-ohm-pinealgland-upperbrain, right eye.
2. (AGNYA)Brow chakra-Indigo-aum-pituitarygland-lowerbrain, left eye, ear, nose, and nervous system.
3. (VISHUDHI)Throt chakra-Blue-gam-Thyroid-Bronchial and vocal apparatus, throat, lungs and alimentary canal.
4. (ANAHADHA)Heart chakra-Green-ham-Thymus-Heart and blood circulatory system.
5. (MANIPURAM)Solar plexus-Yellow-Ram-Pancreas, adr-enals-stomach, liver, gall bladder, and digestive system.
6. (SWADISHTANAM)Sacral plexus-Orange-bam-gonads-Reproductive system.
7. (MOOLADHARA)Root chakra-Red-Lam-Supra renals-Spinal column, kidneys and excretory system.