Friday, August 7, 2009


Vision of the trust:

1. Establishment of charitable institutions for promoting education, medical science, paramedics, technical institutes, art and science, school of drama and culture, spiritual science, occult science, vedic schools, gurukul’s, scientific research centres, R&D laboratories, etc…

2. Establishment of hospitals, nursing homes, maternity homes, etc.. in the urban and rural areas.Establishment of ayurvedic treatment centres and institutions.

3. Creating international residential spiritual vedic schools and colleges.Establishment of first world class sociospiritual universities.Spiritual training for Army, Air force, Navy, Police departments, Private and Public sector companies, MNC companies, All nationalized and scheduled banks, etc…

4. Establishment of “Divine villages”, Adoptation of villages, and thereby developing them into “Divine villages”.To give training for the village youths and to empower women of the villages to become self sufficient economically.To lay roads, to dig wells, to provide proper sanitation and drainages, to build water tanks, to build schools and hospitals, Creating human chains in villages, towns and cities, to convert them as ethical and moral human forces, who will act as “Dharma sena’s” to serve for the welfare of society and also to protect “Sathya and Dharma”.These Dharma sena’s will work as well as serve for the etical values & human rights on the basis of “Sathya”, ”Dharma”, and “Nyaya”.Establishment of international law firms, to select and authenticate world class attorneys who will work as an international team, and will associate with one another to eliminate “TERRORISM”.This firm will be named as “NEETHI”, this firm will consist of world’s top class attorneys who will work for world peace and protect the globe from any kind of devastation.As of these Divine villages will perform as a role model villages for the entire world.Even big cities and towns will have to learn the techniques of serenity, morality, honesty, and the ethnicity of these villages, so that to follow these sytems to customize it in big cities and towns.Even the general public from all over the globe can make a visit and stay in the village premises and do seva with prior appointments and authorities obtained from the managing trustee or the trustee.

5. Promotion of medical tourism, spiritual tourism, protection of environment, creating natural bird sanctuaries, working for the protection of nature and creating awreness among the society for “Global warming”, forming of international environmentalists, who will work as a team for campaigning and creating awareness programmes globally to protect the globe from the threat of “GLOBAL WARMING”.

6. Creating international crews for making docudramas on various international issues like “Terrorism”, Drug abuse, Child labours, Global warming, Animal protection, Gay marriage, Alcoholism, Usage of tobacco, etc..(events, streetplays, programmes for creating awareness.

7. To acquire govt lease lands minimum 100 acres, to build universities, colleges, ashrams, temple, training centres, yoga halls, meditation halls, residential quarters, children play area, playgrounds, administration buildings, staff quarters, R&D Labs, scientific labs, healing centres, hospitals, banks, postoffices, Blood banks, departmental stores, travel desks, etc…

8. Establishment of media network for print as well as electronic media, publications, Training the farmers to update the knowledge of modern agriculture techniques, to train them organic farming, training for aqua culture, horticulture, biodiesels, biogas, recycling methods, thereby to protect and save the nature to avoid natural calamities, as well as to protect the earth and environment from global warming.

9. Establishment of training centres throughout the country, statewise/districtwise and thereby establishing the same globally. This is purely a selfless service to establish “Sathya, Dharma, Nyaya and to transform every individual to attain the highest level of consiousness, thereby to establish humanity, divinity, purity, spirituality and to bring national and global integrity, beyond caste, creed, colour, and religion, something to raise the human values first and thereby to achieve god consiousness. In a toto living with peace, love, harmony and to establish “SARVA DHARMA KALACHAR” to bring oneness among all. To establish equinamity through social, cultural, spiritual trainings and bring peace to the whole world.

Arise; Awake; Stop not Till the goal is achieved :- swami vivekananda


Schemes of the trust:

Karunakaram, Dharma sena, Divine Villages, Sangamam, Sneha Mane, Swayamvaram, Brindavanam, Annapoorani, Akshaya Anna daan, Bikshaan Dehi,

Regd office: Bangalore

Training centre: Bangalore

Door no:721,61st cross,
5th block,Rajaji nagar-near bashyam circle,

“Baba’s gyan sarovar”,no:3009,
2nd-A-main,17th cross,
banashankari 2nd stage,K.R.road,

Admin office & Training centre : Ahmedabad

Ashram road,
Near kandoi bogilal mulchand,
Dinesh hall road, Navrangapura,

Email :


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