Friday, August 7, 2009


Contemplating and meditating on our energy centres of our subtle body. We can do this practice with the help of energising mantras, chanting of these mantras, visualizing the colour of each chakra in the positions of our body. By chanting the specific mantras with colour visualization, we can bring back the sluggish and rapid movement of our chakras to normal conditions. There by this practice improves our energy level, immunity level and gives us total freeness from any discomforts. Finally it radiates our body to enlarge our “AURA” and thereby protects us from negative vibrations. We can always be on positive vibrations and thoughts.

Chakra Dhyana has three steps to it i.e. concentrating on the mystical diagrams of the chakras (Yantra), uttering of mystical syllables to activate the chakras (Mantra) and the right seating posture (Asana). The mudra (placement) of the fingers is also important. The ideal mudra is to touch the base line of the thumb with the index finger and the ideal asana is Siddhasan. Seating onself comfortably in Siddhasan and placing the fingers in the above mentioned mudra with palms facing skywards near the knees, one has to visualize the respective chakras with closed eyes and utter the bija mantra of that chakra. This chanting can be done for seven or nine times or eighteen times. Daily practice of Chakra Dhyana this way will help activate the chakras. The activation of these chakras also has a physical counterpart i.e. various regions in the brain are stimulated leading to a more holistic view towards life. The Kundalini energy awakens and flows through these chakras energising the whole pranic body which directly energises the physical body.

Chakras-colour-mantra-endocrine gland-Area of body governed.
1. (SAHASRARA)Crown chakra-Violet-ohm-pinealgland-upperbrain, right eye.
2. (AGNYA)Brow chakra-Indigo-aum-pituitarygland-lowerbrain, left eye, ear, nose, and nervous system.
3. (VISHUDHI)Throt chakra-Blue-gam-Thyroid-Bronchial and vocal apparatus, throat, lungs and alimentary canal.
4. (ANAHADHA)Heart chakra-Green-ham-Thymus-Heart and blood circulatory system.
5. (MANIPURAM)Solar plexus-Yellow-Ram-Pancreas, adr-enals-stomach, liver, gall bladder, and digestive system.
6. (SWADISHTANAM)Sacral plexus-Orange-bam-gonads-Reproductive system.
7. (MOOLADHARA)Root chakra-Red-Lam-Supra renals-Spinal column, kidneys and excretory system.


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