Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Annapoorani is a method followed in the "DIVINE VILLAGES", as the "PRASAD HALL"(DINING HALL) for the convenience of commune people, local and foreign visitors to the village have to follow the same. Food will be served (TWO)in a day, (SATTWIC) and a complete nutrient, twice in a day there will be also provided herbal health drinks or herbal/vegetable soups and some fruit/vegetable salads. "VEDAS AND MANTRAS WILL BE CHANTED, BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY MEAL. No outside food, food packs, chocolates, breads, bakery items, sweets and savouries, snacks, lays, wafers, pepsi, coke, artificial drinks, flavoured pulps, pizzas, puffs, cakes, eggs, non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, wine, beers, tobacco in the form of cigarettes, pangutkha, chewing pawn, chiclates, bubble gums and use of any plastics and plastic materials are completely banned and forbidden in the "DIVINE VILLAGES".

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