Friday, August 7, 2009


“Moksha dhyana”,is an integrated meditation, rather a kind of concentration, guided by guruji. Yogi sri sri Rajarishishiva. Moksha dhyana works on all Planes of the body, mind, consciousness, and the ego to surrender oneself totally to the “ishwara”, the :Parabrahmam”, to attain “Brahma avastha”. One can achieve calmness, Quetude, and absolutely go into “Samadhi”, by the able guidance of the master Swami.Rajarishishiva.

Moksha dhyana works on the three bodies., ie..

1.Gross-Sthula sharira-physical or anatomical sheath, (ANNAMAYA KOSHA).

2.Subtle-Sukshma sharira-physiological sheath, PRANAMAYA + MANOMAYA(MENTAL) + VIJNANAMAYA(INTELLECT).

3.Casual-Karana sharira-Spiritual sheath of joy,(ANANDMAYA KOSHA).

When all these sheaths come together in each and every one of our Trillions Of cells, when there is oneness from the cells to the self, that is known as “INTEGRATION”. This involves in integration of body-“SHARIRA SAMYAMA”, which transforms to -”PRANA SAMYAMA”-“INTEGRATION OF PRANA(BREATHE), which further integrates to –“INDRIYA SAMYAMA”-“INTEGRATION OF SENSES”, further integrating to-“MANA SAMYAMA”-“INTEGRATION OF MIND”, which further integrates to-“BUDHI OR JNANA SAMYAMA”-“INTEGRATION OF INTELLECT OR BUDHI”, which finally leads one to the “INTEGRATION OF THES ELF”, with all the existence, which is called the “ATMA SAMYAMA”.

This guided practice of “MOKSHA DHYANA”, would exactly require 45 minutes of concentration under the divine guidance of yogi.sri.sri.Rajarishishiva. This Practice brings a lot of emotional changes, physical changes, and perfectly integrates all the three bodies, pancha koshas, pancha budhas in the sharira, the manas(mind), chitta(cons Ciousness), budhi(intellect) ego(ahamkara) and finally allows the self.

“ATMAN”, to understand the body, mind, consciousness, intellect, and ego to self surrender and attain a Perfect calmness, quietude, to attain the state of “BRAHMA AVASTHA” OR the goal of Life, ”MOKSHA” and finally one can achieve the state of “SAMADHI” and wholly enjoy the ultimate happiness, ”SATCHITANANDA”. One can leave the body and travel in cosmos, and have a cosmic fly and come back to the body.

Who is eligible to practice “MOKSHA DHYANA”?
Well, only a “SADHAKA” OR A SPIRITUAL ASPIRANT” can practice, that too only in the divine guidance of “YOGI.SRI.SRI.RAJARISHISHIVA.

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