Tuesday, August 4, 2009


1. Are you a retired person?

2. Do you want to spend rest of the life for your self to achieve peace, happiness and to attain "Moksha"?

3. Do you want to keep away from all worldly and materialistic things? Are you interested in doing seva?

4. Do you want to be cared, nursed and spiritually retreated for the rest of your life?

Yes, here are the answers.

"RETIRED BUT NOT TIRED", will help you to understand oneself that actually a "LIFE" begins after your retirement. You should start living your life now, thereby to lead a social, spiritual, self satisfied life away from all machined and mechanized routine, to move yourself into our "DIVINE VILLAGES" and live in our commune. You can work, guide, help, do seva and live in the nature. Total care for getting your homes(kudir's), health, food, treatments, healing, washing and all personal care for you is assured for the rest of your whole life.

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