Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sangamam is the place for "GOD, CHILD, DESTITUTED WOMEN ,OLD AGED HOMELESS PERSONS, etc... These people are collectively taken from the victimised spots of events like tsunami, tremors, severe earthquakes, floods, terror attacked places and they will be provided permanent shelters, food, clothes, education, training for self help and would be motivated to live as an" UNIVERSAL FAMILY", A JOINT FAMILY, LIKE BROTHERS, SISTERS, MOTHER, FATHER, GRAND MOTHER, GRAND FATHER, UNCLE, AUNTS AND SO ON....THESE PEOPLE ARE COLLECTED NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY ALSO, SO THEY ARE CULTURALLY TRAINED TO FOLLOW THE "SARVA DHARMA KALACHAR" which is being taught in our organization. These families will form a " VASUDEVAKUDUMBAKAM".

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