Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Forming a national and international team who will serve as “Healing team”, for attending grievances, nursing, healing and rendering service to the needy in the time of natural calamities, major and severe accident spots, and at terror attacked places to protect, to care, and feed them. Adoption of child on the spot, who suffer from the loss of parents and guardians. There by providing them homes, clothes, food and educate them completely to make them as a renowned professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Bueracrats, proffessors, etc…Homes for disabled, and to train these disabled to become self sufficient economically. Oldage homes, Homes for the destitutes, spiritual training for prostitutes, terrorists, naxalites, dacoits, thieves, rapists, murderers and other immoral persons to transcend and transform them as humans first, therby disciplining them for a moral living and train them in arts, crafts, or other talents to live self sufficiently, thereby to raise their consiousness to live in a social status or providing them social statusco to lead a peaceful life.

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